Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Calgary Fairy Portrait Weekend

Shelley Vandervelde, a Calgary Photographer loves creating Child Portraits that reflect the innocence and the magic of childhood. 

This spring, SVP Photography hosted a Fairy Portrait Weekend.  Over the course of a day, the studio became an Enchanted Forest, with birds, nests, a fox, frogs, turtles, and even an owl. Now I know you will be searching for all of these in the photos below... The forest was not complete without the buzz of fairy wings. The fairies had wands and lanterns and crystal balls for a magical experience! 

We weren't sure how young we could photograph in this set.  Although a shorter session, this little guy did well with grandma close at hand to ensure he was safe!  

His big sister could have stayed all day she was having so much fun! 

Both Mom and the little gal were excited to see the Enchanted Forest. She really enjoyed dressing up and playing with all the props. She was even more excited to see "the magic" show up once the photo was enhanced. 

This little fairy's eyes lit up as she dressed in her chosen outfit. When she looked in the mirror after adorning her wings, her mouth fell open and she was silent for a few moments. Her Mom can attest that is a rare occurrence. Then WOW! Seeing herself in the mirror she was ready to make the forest her home where her Sing Dance, Act classes became obvious!

One can never be too old to be a fairy. This young lady emerged like a butterfly. She has an elegance that truly reflected that moment between childhood and womanhood.

And, of course, Mozart had to get in on the show.  He was curious about all the props, but especially the little fox!

We had so much fun, we want to do it again!  We have a Fairy Portrait Birthday Party booked for Victoria Day and will have the Forest set up for the weekend prior, May 19 & 20, 2018.  If you missed our last weekend, don't miss this one!  We are not sure when we will be setting up the forest again. 

Call (403) 281-8429 for more information. 

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