Sunday, November 8, 2015

Calgary Child & Children's Portraits

Printed & FramedPreserved for the Next Generation!

In the world of cell phone cameras today's children are being photographed more than any other generation.  But how many of those photos will be printed?  How many will survive the ages. How many of today's children will be able to show their grandchildren a portrait of themselves and say "That was me when I was your age" & how many mothers will compare baby photos and say "You look just like your Daddy did when he was your age"?

The "school pictures" that document what children look like as they grow and mature may well be the only printed photos for many children of this generation. A photo that is usually taken in less than five minutes and the child is encourage to "smile".  

I love photographing children of all ages.  Children's reactions to the camera room and to me varies with their age and their experience having their photos taken. Children are less self conscious and their personalities shine brightly. Some come to the session hesitant and shy and some sit themselves down and say "cheese"; these will be the hardest sessions because my goal is to find the child within and not to photograph the mask they have been taught to wear.  From classical to themed sessions my goal is to connect with the child and to allow them the time to relax during the session, dropping the masks and expressing their true nature.