Friday, February 16, 2018

February's Portrait Day at Adoniaa Beauty

“Take Time to do What Makes Your Soul Happy”

~ Unknown ~

February’s Portrait Day at Adoniaa Beauty is the perfect day of self-care.  Gather your friends, take a sneak day off and then plan a girls’ night out because you will look & feel amazing!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Why I Love being a Portrait Photographer

I'm going to be transparent about why it is I love my "job".

I lost my Mom in a car accident back in 1993.  We didn't have many flattering photos of her, let alone portraits of her, our family or just the two of us. I was a Speech Pathologist back then, busy with my own life and didn't think about having portraits created.

In 2001 my husband underwent a quadruple bypass. At that point, I retired from my career and picked up a camera.  I had always loved photography but didn't want to photograph people. That changed and I found myself beginning a whole new career.

In 2003 my husband began radiation and chemotherapy. Once he stabilized following treatments I insisted that we have portraits created. We had not done professional photographs since our wedding in 1986. I'm so glad I did, as those portraits got me through those first few years after he passed.

I was then faced with my sister having significant health issues and my fear of losing her.  I knew I wanted portraits with her! They are in my consultation room and I'm thrilled to say I love them and I still have my sister. She is 100% healthy!

I joined the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2004 and have never looked back!  I now have the honour of creating portraits for other families. I love photographing babies, children, families and siblings, but especially sisters. I guess because I don't know what I would do without mine!

It provides me with so much joy knowing that these families have these portraits to enjoy and share with the next generation. I know that they may not really know the value of the portraits I create until some time in the future.