Thursday, April 16, 2015

Profile and Business Portraits

Notice I did not title this post "Headshots"  and I did not use the word "picutres" or "photos".  Kids draw pictures with crayons, photos are what you look like and a portrait is who you are. 

Lorraine is an author. Her first book is being published and I had the honour of creating the portrait for her book.
I was surprised when I checked the page of possible people to connect with and found so many with NO profile portrait. If you are on Linked In to support your business or your career, your portrait is the first impression. No portrait, no impression. A selfie, well that does create an impression, but it is the one you want? 
I have had clients come to me after having two or three other photos taken for their business portraits. They weren't happy with previous photos taken. A headshot can be a 5 or 10 minute deal, done, on with your day.  Kind of like the school photos I remember. They are why I never wanted to be in front of the camera and preferred to stay behind it. They are also why I provide a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don't love your portraits, money back, not questions asked.  
That said, I put my heart & soul into every portrait I create and I expect my clients to do the same. We start with a design session over a latte' or chai to discuss the message you want your portrait to send. I assist you in deciding the colours, clothing, mood and style of the portrait and we book the photography session within the following week or two.  The session is how every long it needs to be to develop your comfort in front of the lens and allow you to show me who you are and what you want to say to your viewers.  For some, that is 10 minutes, but for most, it takes time to relax and drop the facade that we wear. I have had people be so relaxed until I raise the camera and "bang - they are gone!"  Where did they go?  They hid from all those pictures taken in the past that they didn't like. 
After the session, I edit the images down to the very best, you select the one you love the best. I retouch and enhance the image and provide it for use in all your social and print marketing.
Yes, retouching is necessary. the images straight out of camera are like a sketch on a painter's canvas, they are not finished!  In person we see you, in three dimensions, in living colour; your personality and spirit shine through. On paper or screen, in two dimensions, we notice all sorts of little details that we never saw in person. These may be stray hairs, lines, blemishes, and the like. Retouching draws the viewer into the eyes, into the soul of the person portrayed.
Show the world who you are with a professional profile portrait. Call me to book your design session at 403.281.8429 

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