Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shelley Vandervelde of SVP Photography goes to Spain | Calgary Photographer

Trying to catch up with all the happenings of 2014 at the SVP Photography Studio here in Calgary, Alberta, I left off with February.  The beginning of March was filled with business, children and family portraits and teaching for Image Square, Canon's Center in downtown Calgary and here at the SVP Photography Studio in Woodlands. 

But the highlight of the month was a trip of a lifetime to Spain with my sister Pamela. I enjoyed being her personal photographer, although getting the shots was difficult as we were on a school tour that was on the go! Stopping for photos was a challenge as the group continued on and we had to make sure we didn't get left behind! 

Here is a slide show of  Pamela's Trip to Spain and below is some of the vistas and places we visited.

Of course I was behind the lens so you don't see me in the slide show. Architecture was amazing and love of
Christ was everywhere. If you get the chance to visit this beautiful country, take your time and explore the people, landscapes and architecture


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