Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby's First Year Portrait Program.....| Calgary Baby Photographer, SVP Photography

My month of February was spent recovering from a virus, but I did spend time building a whole new Baby's First Year Program and Child's Portrait Program which includes a triple frame with a portrait to celebrate your baby's development as they learn to push up from their tummy, sit up and stand up.  It also includes either a beautiful 10x10 inch album or image box for you to fill with your favourite images from each session.  

 Mia was my first baby and this portrait is from the newborn ad on session.  We have already photographed her push up portraits! Time flies way too fast. If you are pregnant call to book a complimentary session to learn more.  The first year is such an amazing time of firsts, savior those moments in timeless portraits that add to your home's wall decor.  

Shelley @ 403.281.8429

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