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Calgary Baby Photographer | Shelley Vandervelde

When Should I Have My Baby's Portraits Taken?


As a Calgary Baby Photographer,I'm often asked "When is the best time to photograph my baby?"  I love it when people ask this when they are newly pregnant as this provides for the best opportunity to tell your baby's story in portraits. I encourage my clients to have five portrait sessions over the first year and a half.
Baby's first portrait is during the 7th month of pregnancy, that is if you don't count the 3D ultrasounds done today.  They are precious for sure as you see your little one for the first time, but it may not provide you with a portrait that adds to your wall decor.  The prenatal portrait can be fully clothed, fun & sassy or a discreet nude with an artistic flair. If this portrait is done as part of your baby's story you will want to consider the other sessions and coordinate them to create a consistent look to your wall collection or album.


Baby's second portrait is best done within the first ten days following their birth. If you are breast feeding your baby will be amazingly content and sleepy on the day your milk descends.  Images taken during this first week are often not possible later on.  At this age the baby's vision if very short so the most precious images are of them being cuddled.


Four months of age is great for portraits that shows a more alert and interactive baby.  It is also a great time to photograph those pudgy little fingers and toes.  They are opening their hands, holding their feet and often putting both in their mouth.  A few of the classic photos taken at this age is the over the shoulder portrait and the one of them on their tummy holding their head and chest up.  I encourage Mom to keep in touch and call when her baby is holding themselves up for extended periods when laying on their tummy.
The next great age for portraits is when your baby can sit unassisted and without you needing to be within arm's reach to catch them if they tumble forwards or back.  This is a tricky to catch at just the right time, as you want to make sure you have the portraits done BEFORE your baby starts to crawl, or they will be gone just before the shutter clicks nine times out of ten. These portraits are typically done around eight months of age.


The last portrait of the Baby's Frist Year is the one of him or her standing.  Again, timing is everything.  Your baby needs to be able to stand holding onto furniture and may also be cruising. However, if you wait too long and she starts to walk for more than one or two steps at a time, the photographer will have a tough job capturing images.  If you are considering having your baby's first year photographed, you will want to choose your photographer early and maintain communication to time each session well.


Your child may not appreciate these images as much as you do as they go through school or even college, but imagine them being able to show their own child what they looked like as a baby.
As a Calgary Photographer, I love photographing babies.  Every session is different and every baby gives their own uniqueness to the images created.  Not having your heart set on a specific pose or image allows you to appreciate your little one for the images she allows the photographer to take.  These are the ages and stages I love photographing.  They create precious images to be shared through the years.
Shelley Vandervelde, MPA
Master of Photographic Arts
Professional Photographers of Canada
Canadian 2012 Portrait Photographer of the Year

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