Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year! | Shelley Vandervelde Takes 2012

The 65th Awards Banquet for the National Image Competition for the Professional Photographers of Canada was held in Halifax April 24, 2012.  This year a record 1232 images were received with 382 images being selected for the salon, 102 received awards of Merit and 18 received an award of Excellence.
Each photographer can enter four images. These images are judged by a panel of Master Photographers from across the country.  In order to be eligible for the Portrait Photographer of the Year all four must be selected for inclusion in the Salon.  This is the fourth time Shelley Vandervelde was eligible for the award Nationally.  Her fine art submission "Honour" also received an award of Excellence and was one of the 40 images selected for the National Loan Collection.
When asked what earned her this award Shelley replied "It is my mission to create compelling images that reflect personalities and relationships; images that refect the spirit of the individual and not just what they look like.  This occurs when trust is developed and those in front of the camera lower their invisible shields and offer who they are to the lens.  It is like a beaufiful dance and when it comes together, I know before I see the images that they will be amazing."  But Shelley states that the award is not an end goal, but the beginning of an amazing journey.

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