Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to SVP Photography

Hi, I'm Shelley and I finally created a blog. I have so enjoyed my venture into photography. I began my new career in late 2002 and joined the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2004. I received two accreditations in my first year of membership; one in studio photography and one in child photography. This year I earned my Craftsman of Photographic Arts and hope to earn my Masters next year. In this new journey I have made many friends and been touched by everyone I have had the honour of photographing. Creating images that are powerful and compelling requires time. Time to get to know each other over a latte or tea. Yes I serve decaf too! And time to be relaxed and to work as a team during the session. I hope you have had a chance to view some of my images.

I hope to be able to keep my blog up to date and fill in all my friends and family on what's happening in the studio. Mozart, my standard poodle, is becoming better composed with each obediance class he completes. He loves babies and children and is very gentle with them once he gets over his initial excitement about having company!

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